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For businesses who need consistent, relevant and powerful messaging to impact their target market,
Bezgroup deliver film and video image solutions to tell your story, better.
We are specialists in video footage and animation that captures the human element.
From concept to screen, we will deliver a more consistent, relevant and powerful message that will achieve results.
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Brands we work with

Bezgroup - Some of the exciting brands we work with
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Connecting your target audience with your brand

Our video production capabilities cover a wide range of brands and industries. Through ingenuity and creative purpose, we place the utmost importance on connecting the viewer to the brand with precision. We put the viewer in the frame in a way that allows the brand's story to resonate, to connect the core value of the product or service to the viewer in a unique and emotive way.

From concept to screen - Telling your story

Core Capabilities

We specialise in animation and video production for
the following applications 
  • Website Marketing Videos
  • Social Media Videos
  • TV Advertising
  • Events Videos
  • Conference & Corporate Videos
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Systems & Processes

Bezgroup Video Production Systems & Process - Streamtime, Asana, Instagantt
Streamtime - Total Studio Management

In order to provide the most productive, efficient and accountable service to clients, we use Streamtime Total Studio Management, a state-of-the-art studio management software system. Features such as jobs schedules, job tracking, task schedules, job lists, resource planning, and task gantts mean we can monitor production schedules and plan resources effectively to ensure jobs arrive on time and on budget.

Asana - Project Management Software

Asana is a software management system that enables the Bezgroup team to coordinate day-to-day tasks between team members easily and efficiently. We love using asana, it’s a bit like super-charging your ‘to do list’ because it ensures everything is on track, in the one spot online (no notes on bits of paper that get lost on our desks) and other staff members can be invited to ‘follow’ individual projects and tasks so we are all kept in the loop.

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